Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Catching Up...sort of

So...I pretty much dropped the ball on the blogging thing and so much has happened since the last post that I cannot possibly complete "update" the world on everything that has happened. So I'll just start from now and talk about more recent things :)
Seth and I are celebrating our first Christmas together and I absolutely LOVE how festive and fun our little town house is. *Advice to engaged couples: wait until everything is 75% off after Christmas and go shop for your 1st Christmas together! We did this last year and got lots of fantastic decorations and an $8 prelit Christmas tree. The best part was that it all seemed brand new to us since we hadn't looked at it for a year and everything was still in new boxes.

This picture doesn't do our tree justice as now we have all of our gifts for each other and for friends and family wrapped and placed under it.

Cori, our beagle puppy, that Seth got me for my 22nd Birthday is so energetic and fun. She has done surprisingly well with all the decorations and tree and hasn't gotten into too much trouble.

Just two days ago we got a portable dishwasher as an early Christmas present from my parents! It's full-size and I absolutely LOVE it. Since we got married washing dishes is something we both dread a lot! We have a small kitchen and an even smaller sink. The sink is only about a foot deep so when you cook a meal it fills up fast, with dishes spilling out everywhere onto our small amount of counter space. I have already done two loads of dishes and the sound of that machine running with all the dishes contained in one space is such a lovely sound!

God has been doing a lot in our lives recently. Seth has been super busy with him Fusion internship, preaching at Missouri Valley, discipling guys at our house, and school work. It has been a rough semester for his school-wise as he is so ready to be done (he was soooooo happy to turn in his final College Algebra exam) so that we can focus on ministry with everything we've got. I have really loved having all of the Fusion guys over so much this semester. We have had lot of people stay at our house, use our washer/dryer, and just veg and do homework. It makes me really happy that the college students know they are ALWAYS ALWAYS welcome at our house! Having people over so much takes a toll on the cleanliness of our place but I would trade that any day for the great company you will always find at townhouse #4024. I will honestly be really sad when Seth graduates from college.

I have been staying really busy with church and work as well. I am working about 45-50 hours a week depending on what projects and deadlines I am managing and I am officially the "Women's Ministry Director" at church which basically means I get to plan a bunch of girl parties! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the women at Missouri Valley. They have been such an encouragement to Seth and I lately as the church has gone through some really rough patches.

Well that's about all I can think of for now.

Happy Holidays!