Monday, May 16, 2011

Projects, projects, projects

So, I've been wanting to share some furniture/decor redos that have kept me busy lately. I went on a semi-massive redecorating frenzy when I found out we wouldn't be moving :( I was honestly pretty upset not to be moving out of our townhouse (it's not my favorite) but after some prayer and maybe a few tears I decided to my creativity to work and give the place some much needed decorating updates. It's been challenging as I can paint or permanately change any fixtures or feature of the place but I've done what I can :)

I can't see to find the cable that goes with my camera to let me upload pictures but I'll try and make do with the phone pictures that I do have. Sorry for the poor quality. We will start with a SUPER SIMPLE decor project:

Pottery Barn-esque Bird Cage Candle Holder

If you've been to Pottery Barn lately you know that Bird Cage decor is in. I was able to find this little pretty at our Kansas City DAV for just $1

I thought that this would fit perfectly over a short pillar candle I already had at home but wanted some sort of a base for the candle to sit on as well. I found a cheap, white saucer at the DAV for just $. 49.

At home, I simply gave the bird cage a coat of primer followed by a coat of white spray paint. Once that dried, I placed my pillar candle on underside of the saucer and glued the up-side-down saucer to the base of the bird cage. And here you have the finished project (it shows the saucer right side up but I changed it before gluing)
Hope you enjoy it! I'll be posting more projects soon :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

2011 Blizzard

Hey guys,

Well....We survived the blizzard of 2011! Seth and I had been watching the weather Monday night expecting to wake up to TONS of snow, but we woke up bright and early at 6:30 and nothing.......yet. We decided to make an early-morning trip to the grocery store just in case, and it was a good thing we did! We got back to the house at the time I would have normally left for work, but I decided against trying to make it to the office. The snow kept coming down ALL DAY LONG and didn't stop. It was interesting trying to get our puppy outside for anything. She would sit by the door and look up at me like "are you crazy? I'm not going out there!" We had a great day filled with movies, reading, cleaning, and I caught up on some of my favorite blogs! I am currently obsessed with furniture re-do blogs, DIY blogs, etc. There are so many ladies (and a few guys) with great ideas! I find myself wanting to buy Goodwill furniture all the time for new projects but in all reality we have nowhere to put it and between work, church, cooking, and cleaning I really don't have time for anymore projects than the ones in our basement waiting to be finished.

Seth a I are thinking about moving though and getting a house. They place where we live currently, well how do I say this nicely, has been testing my patience. Literally in the last month, management and maintenance has been in our townhouse 6 times to fix stuff, do inspections, spray for bug prevention and then for extermination (no our townhouse didn't have bugs but apparently some buildings did), follow up inspection, and more repairs. We are getting a little tired of people we don't know being in our home when we aren't there. Anyways, we have found a couple of houses that we want to rent that are within our price range and will hopefully be more welcoming to friends, guests, and neighbors than where we live now. I really do love our little town house; it's our first home and so cozy. But the buildings are old and its really hard to keep anything clean. Honestly, in my heart I just want a place where others can always feel welcome, where bellies are always filled, and where the gospel can be spread!

Seth and I want nothing more than to be used to spread the gospel. It has been so great to figure out what that truely means with my best friend! For us that means giving up a lot of the American dream. So what our bank account isn't growing like crazy right now? I seriously love Dave Ramsey and the things he teaches and Seth and I have vowed to remain debt-free but I can't help but think what happens to all the people you RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU needing your help, needing Christs love and you say "nope I'm sorry I'm 'living like no one else' right now and can't spend money. Come back to me in 10 years and I'll be 'living like no one else' and then I can help you". And saving for retirement? Do you really want to spend the last 20 years of your life on a boat or in your fancy house before you meet the Lord enjoying the things of this world only to say "look God, I have a pretty boat?" Not me! I pray God allows me to spend the last years of my life spreading his gospel! Ok, I'll get off my soap box now. I just really had to share some things that were on my heart. Thanks for reading!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!!

I woke up this morning to about 5 inches of snow on the ground in KC! This was the first time our puppy had seen snow and she absolutely loved it! She bounced around outside and ate the snow and I had a hard time getting her to come back inside. Part of me was sad that Seth wasn't here to witness the first big snow of being married (as we had promised to make an igloo together, or at least a snow man) but I am so glad to be sharing my hubby with the people of S. Asia for a couple of weeks. I got word from him this morning that they have safetly arrived in M-Town and had a great first day there. It is night time there so I hope he is getting some much needed rest from all the traveling.
The work day is going by so much faster today because of the snow (everyone on my team LOVES the snow as well). We have had a pretty chill morning and may even get to go home early as the heavy stuff is supposed to hit at right about 5, when we are suppose to be heading home.
Maybe I'll find some of the neighbor kids to join me in playing in the snow; there is plenty of them running around our neighborhood;)
I've been trying to keep myself busy since Seth is gone which involoves a lot of reading, craft projects, re-decorating, and a little shopping too. You better believe that boy is going to come home to a clean house though!
Pictures coming soon!