Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hey Hey.
Lots has happened since my last blog. I finished Tax II with a relative amount of ease. We had lots of homework every night but it was mostly group work and only lasted a week and day (we got done a day early).
During week two of Jan Term my future MOH and best friend, Ashley, came to visit me in Bolivar and helped me with all sorts of wedding crafts and projects. I've started working on some of the smaller details of the wedding as we are now just a little over 4 months out. That Saturday Ashley went with me to the wedding of Scott and Adrienne Mark. It was truly one of the most elegant and beautiful weddings I have ever been to. If you are in the Springfield area and need a venue for a wedding and reception check out the Stone Chapel on the campus of Drury University and the Tower Club at the Hammons Tower. Both were gorgeous for a medium sized wedding!

Seth and I have been getting lots of work done and are preparing more and more every day to tie the knot. Mom found us a retro couch and full sized bed complete with a headboard, foot board, rails, box spring, and mattress for free in the paper and we are so stoked to work on these "projects" together and make them our own my sanding them down and repainting them.

Seth is currently on a job hunt and hopes to start working soon so that he and a few friends can move into an apartment in KC until June, when they will move and I will move in after the wedding.

Our wedding bands are done and ready for the big day. We also picked out our invitations and will get started on those as soon as I finally finish the dreaded guest list. I started on it probably 3 months ago and its still no where close to being finished.

Seth has been working on songs for our wedding. He has now officially finished all 3 of the songs that will be featured in our ceremony!!!! I can't wait. He is such an amazing musician.

And last, but certainly certainly not least, Seth and I started marriage counciling with our friends Paul and Jala. It has been wonderful so far and I think we have both learned quite a bit!

Hope to post some before and after pictures soon of our "projects" so you can see how they turn out. Both the bed and couch are pretty old and rough, but I just know with a little TLC they will be perfect for us!

Love you all,

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Winter Fest

So I am currently taking a WinterFest class at school and starting a blog is my official study break. I've never been good at journaling but I'm frequently online and my life is pretty much an open book anyways so I figured, why not start a blog?

I guess people usually tell about what is going on in their lives on these things.
I just recently got back to Bolivar after spending a few weeks in my hometown for Christmas Break. I worked a lot a good 'ole T.J. Maxx and spent a ton of time with Seth and with family. It's really nice to be able to work whenever I want while at home. "The Maxx" literally lets me work whenever I want including random weekends that I decide to come home.

Over break Seth and I registered for gifts for our wedding which is now just a short 5 months away!!! I have so much to do still but everything will come together in the end.

We also made a 3 person iglooo in the back yard! Esther, Seth, and I enjoyed our creation by making hot chocolate on a small camp stove inside our igloo!!! It was a blast!

Christmas Day was spent with both my family and Seth's. I spent Christmas morning at my grandparent's house with mom, dad, Emmy, grandma, grandpa, Sis, Ben, and their three kids Sam, Claire, and Macy. It was sooo fun to get to hang out with all my little cousins since they have not been here for Christmas for about the past three years.

New Years was awesome!! Seth and I started out at the Allison's hours and enjoyed the company of several friends while eating breakfast for dinner complete with biscuits and gravy, orange juice, and some sort of amazing punch! From there we went to the wonderful home of Atley and Michael Marks and had an amazing time just talking, goofing off, and loving our friends!!! We played a very interesting group game on the Wii and toasted at midnight. It was a special time since 2010 is the year for many "first". This year will graduate with majors in both Accounting and Business Management with the required 150 hours for the CPA exam. I will hopefully pass all 4 parts of the exam within allowed 18 months.
2010 is also going to be the year for my first real job (hopefully as a CPA), a first apartment with all of my own things :D, and 2010 is when I will get a husband!!! Heck yes! Seth and I absolutely cannot wait to finally be able to finally serve Christ and journey together in one geographical location!! Christ deserves more than I could ever ever ever say!! 2009 has been an awesome journey and I know that 2010 is going to be filled with even more passionate pursuit of the creator of the stinking universe!!!!! Man we serve a big God!!! Bring on 2010 and the rest of eternity!!

Thanks for reading and I hope to update when between breaks from Tax homework :D