Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jobs and Townhouses

Seth got a job and moved into our townhouse!!!

This is just an example of how perfect God's timing is! Seth and I had literally been praying and job searching for him for over a month. He had several interviews and connections and we were hopeful that at least one was going to work out but they all fell through. Seth has been wanting to move to Kansas City to an apartment this semester so that when we get married we will not have to worry about moving everything after the wedding and will already have a place to call home. But, he couldn't move to KC if he didn't have a job there. Out of almost a state of desparation, Seth called an old boss and asked if he had anything available for Seth to do. The boss said he had one opening but it would be kind of crazy hours (mostly night shifts). He called the client Seth would be working with and set up an interview for the next morning (letting Seth skip the first interview). Seth immediately got a haircut (yes a real haircut. You realize how much of a sacrifice this is if you have seen Seth's hair lately), interviewed the next morning, and got a phone call later that day saying he had the job!

After starting work, Seth shopped around for a place for us to live and I left the decision entirely up to him. As of 2 days ago Seth and his best friend Derek are officially moved into a townhouse on the north side of KC. This is going to be a perfert place for us to live. I have not actually seen it yet but it has two stories with the livingroom and kitchen downstairs and two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs as well as an unfinished basement that we didn't even know about!!!! The basement has washer/dryer hookups which was my absolute biggest concern! The stove and heater are both gas and I'm anxious to sort of relearn how to cook on a gas stove.

My heart is so happy now that I know for sure where we will be living. I can start invisioning what it will look like and how I want to decorate and all that. Granted, for the next four months it will be a bachelor pad filled with video games, guitars, and power tools but I am certain that after we get married it will be the perfect home for the newlywed Masons.

I just can't believe how things are finally coming together and how this is actually going to happen after 6 years of dating. We have been so blessed and it just goes to show how our God knows us better than we know ourselves. Even when we freak out and fret over silly things, God always provides. Although God's perfect timing would still be perfect if our situation had been different. Even if Seth didn't get a job and we didn't find a townhouse God's plan would have still been superior to ours. He works together for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose even when we don't know what is good for us or what our purpose may be.

Thanks for reading. I will post pictures of the townhouse as soon as I get to see it myself!

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